Multiskill Lineage 2 Risen

Autofarm mod

Works on voice command .autofarm
Commands are also available:

  • .farmstart - start
  • .farmstop - stop
Rules use:
  1. Permitted use max - 2 windows.
    In case of using more than two windows for one player - Ban characters!
  2. It is forbidden to drive windows on epics, sieges, TV, use healers in pvp.
The system supports 5 kinds of modes:
  • War mode (melee)
  • Archer Mode
  • Mage Mode
  • Healer Mode
  • Samoner Mode
General Functions:
  • Add player skills from shortcuts panel.
  • Add/Remove used skills.
  • Party assist by leader target (for all modes).
  • Use skills randomly from the list (for each skill type individually).
  • Reuse skills with a delay.
  • Control the distance from the starting point of the farm (so as not to run too far).
  • Run away from monsters on melee attacks.
  • Target search distance setting.
  • Disable target if another player is already attacking it.
  • Enable/Disable melee assist attacks (for healer mode).
  • Enable/Disable leader mana recovery (for healer mode).
  • Enable/Disable the use of summoning skills (for summoner mode).
  • Auto save all configured farming skills.